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Though this may sound cliché, I have been wanting to become a baker for as long as I can remember.


Back in early 2010 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease which meant I had to carefully watch what I ate. Gluten, dairy, sugar and processed foods became a big no-no. What first seemed a daunting task became a real eye-opener and I read up as much as I could on how to best heal our bodies with the foods that we eat. After coming across the Paleo-diet or the Hunter-gatherer diet which it is often also referred to as, I began cooking and baking foods that were extremely nourishing and didn't cause any inflammation to the body.   


Having always baked for family and friends, my treats became so popular that I started to get orders from friends-of-friends and nearby cafes. A year or so later, I started Wellness By Tess, and it's been the best decision I have ever made. I am so grateful to my family and friends for the support they have shown, and to my customers for the feedback they have given.


Being able to offer healthy options to people and increase awareness about health and fitness is what drives me. 



Wellness By Tess is a raw food manufacturing business that operates from Sydney. We create and supply a large variety of businesses with vegan, nutritious, unbelievably unnaughty treats.

We promise that our selection of goodies will have your taste buds doing back-flips.

We are always looking for new interesting ventures and if you are a business that would love to sell or distribute Wellness by Tess or looking for contract manufacturing, we would love to hear from you.

Our goodies are handmade and we deliver by refrigerated transport Australia wide.


Please contact us for full product catalogue with more information.